Google Virtual Tours

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Bring online customers right inside your business from Google search and maps with Google Virtual Tours - just like Street View inside your business. Your visually enhanced search result will attract potential customers to your virtual tour, giving them a new way to experience, explore and interact with your business - on mobile, tablet and the desktop.

Fine Focus Studio, a certified Google Trusted Photographer, can provide you with a high quality Virtual Tour and Point of Interest photography to showcase your business on the Google platform, your business website and social media pages, such as Facebook. There is no monthly or additional cost, only a one time investment to allow us to create the tour imagery - which you then own and can go on to use for any further advertising needs.

Your Google Virtual Tour will automatically appear in:

  • Google Search Results
  • Google Maps
  • Google+ Local Page

You can also easily embed your tour in your website and social media pages.

Further benefits of a Google Virtual Tour include:

  • Integrated with Google Street View and most new Google products
  • Enhanced Google Local Business page and Google Maps listing
  • Clients can add their own reviews
  • Only cost is a one off payment for a great marketing product that lasts
  • Hosting of images and tour is FREE
  • Your business owns the copyright for all the images provided
  • Brings your business listing to life with a 360-degree, interactive Virtual Tour
  • Behaves just like Street view with navigational arrows and ability to spin place 360 degrees.
  • Provides you with Professional "Point of Interest" photographs of your business
  • Re-shoots can be ordered as and when the business requires
  • Re-shoots can be used to promote a specific high-traffic period for a business (eg. Christmas events)
  • Can add multiple locations
  • Displayed to potential customers both locally and worldwide
  • Available 24/7 … 365 days per year